Travis Kelce is the only starting player on the NFLs Kansas City Chiefs - that is dating a Black woman. One other player, who is not a starter dates a Black woman.

The Chiefs went out on a "date" night on Saturday, and they brought their GFs/wives along. And they decided to take a pic to memorialize the evening.

Well the pic went viral, after people noticed that ALL of the players (except Travis) had white or Latina GFs.

Black Twitter immediately began circulating the, and there's an ongoing heated debate - concerning the players' choice to date non-Black women.

Some folks on Black twitter are calling the players "sell outs" for not dating Black women. Others believe that Interracial dating is normal, especially in cities like Kansas City - where White residents outnumber Black residents 25 to 1.

Here is a pic of the team and all their GFs:


Kansas City dot com the website recently did a deep dive on Kelce's girlfriend and they found out a few more facts about the young lady...Her Twitter and Instagram both hint at Los Angeles as her home base. Her only connection to Kansas City seems to be Kelce himself. 

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