Former One Tree Hill star, Sophia Bush talked candidly with Dax Shepard about her painful breakup with her Tree Hill co-star Chad Michael Murray.

"The reason why I don't talk about it, A. is because everyone's been 21 and stupid, but if you're in our job, for some reason, people wanna talk to you about like, when you're fully-fledged adults who've done really amazing sh*t with your lives, they wanna talk to you about the dumb thing you did in college basically," she told Shepard. "Which doesn't make sense to me, 'cause like, in any other realm, if a CEO is having a meeting, no one's gonna ask about the time they went to a kegger in college."

But her messy breakup with Murray was exploited by the show's producers and she is still upset about the way in which it was all handled.

"There was no space to self-reflect.

"They ran like TV ads about it, it was really ugly... They made practice of taking advantage of people's personal lives, and not just for me and for my ex, for other actors on the show who would share as you do when you get close to people. Deeply personal things that were happening in their lives and they would wind up in storylines. It wasn't OK.

"It was opportunistic and ugly... When you run a show, you're like a parent, you're supposed to protect your flock, and it was the opposite of that. And I imagine that was hard for him as well, you know? It was a very ugly situation on their part. I think they kind of lived for the drama."

So I guess a reboot isn't on the cards just yet then?