One Of Facebook's MOST FAMOUS CELEBRITIES . . . Weight Loss Story LARRY EVANS Passed Away . . . Find Out HOW Inside!!!


500 pound Larry Evans had MILLIONS of fans across the globe. All of whom were inspired by his story - and his catch phrase, "Get up, get out and do something."

Larry lived in Missouri, and his weight loss story inspired millions to get healthy. But we're sad to report to you that Larry has passed away.

But Larry's life told an amazing story. He went from weighing 823 pounds to an astonishing 587 pounds - losing almost 300 pounds over a two-year-period. Avoiding gimmicks, surgeries or diets, Larry dropped his weight by exercising and changing his diet.

So here's what we know. The family says that 40 year old Larry died of pneumonia. They sent out a statement to the media saying, "Through all of the challenges, he was determined to not give up. Larry is in heaven now, with the same mission. He is resting in peace, spending time with family and friends."

How popular was Larry? Well one of his Facebook videos had more than 27,837,900 views!