Omarion's baby mother Apryl got famous after joining Love & Hip Hop - now she has a new celebrity boyfriend. MTO News has confirmed that Apryl is now dating the rapper Plies.

According to Apryl's close friend, she hooked up with Plies while filming a music video together. In the video, Plies showers his mysterious leading lady with cute and expensive gifts. When you finally see her face, you quickly realize it’s Omarion’s ex Apryl serving all that bawdy.

“You my bae, you my gift, you my all of the above/You get di**, you get gifts, you get all of the above” Kevin Gates sings on the hook and what more does a woman really need? On the first verse, Plies gets right to business, rapping “They can’t make me cheat on you” and “Ain’t nothing you can do to make me beat on you.”

The insider explained, "Plies is really smart and romantic, he's not all ignorant like you see him on Instagram."

But the insider told MTO news that Apryl is taking things slowly with the Sweet Pw*ssy Saturday rapper. They told us, "Apryl doesn't want to be played for a fool. They're just having fun now. But she's open to letting things get serious."

We wish Apryl and Plies all the best. They make a cute couple.


As you may know, Plies is facing legal trouble after being arrested at Tampa International Airport last month for a gun that was found in his carry-on luggage. At the time, sources reportedly told TMZ he’d picked up the wrong bag on his way to his flight. But clearly, things are still on the up and up…listen to his hilarious “All Thee Above” PSA below.