Omarion's BABYS MOTHER Shows Off Her New 'THICK' Body . . . Much Happier NOW!!

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Omarion's Love And Hip Hp babys mother Apryl has spent YEARS aggressively dieting - to maintain an unnaturally small frame.

Well now she's decided to let go a little - and embrace being THICKER. Apryl went on social media yesterday to talk about how much HAPPIER she is - now that she can eat more freely.

But don't think that means that Apryl has completely let herself go. The Love And Hip Hop beauty still eats healthy foods, and regularly exercises.

Here's the before and after. The new Apryl definitely looks better:


Apryl and Omarion have been broken up for some time now. They publicly lived out their relationship on Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood. The former couple have a child together, a daughter.

Last year Apryl was asked by a fan if she and Omarion would ever get back together and this was her response:

Why you asking me to get back with Omarion? What would make you tell me that? Did you know my relationship? ’Cause if you did, you probably would be like ’RUN!’ Please, I’m just saying. I need folks to stop, we gotta stop like, if someone is not together, there’s a reason why people are not together. It just doesn’t happen where it’s like ’oh there’s no reason’ or ’hey we just separated ’cause we separated.’ It’s like NOOO. Come on, y’all, let’s use some common sense. Uh uh. If I wanted to be with somebody, I’m going to be with them and if I don’t, I won’t. And I’m just not in that space. As women, and as human beings, we gotta honor ourselves and I’m honoring myself. I’d rather be f—ing by myself for the rest of my life than ever be in a relationship that isn’t allowing me to flourish.