Apryl Jones from Love & Hip Hop is going viral on social media this morning - after she went on Live last night, and showed off her stripper pole skills.

The Love & Hip Hop starlet is the mother of two of R&B singer Omarion's children and her latest Live has people talking! 

Here's the video that's causing a stir:

Of course Twitter has reacted on the video - which has already been seen by more than 3,000,000 people.

Here are some of the reactions to the video:

She's fine as hell but most super hoes are

I was surprised to hear/see how gutter she is tho...she's on IG live acting a straight fool

This Live along with Apryl's behavior over the past year has not only caused people to "talk" about her but has many of her fans both baffled and worried. When Apryl first appeared in the public eye she was very, very different. She seemed regular - more like the girl next door. Over the past year, however, she 's been engaging in more outrageous and attention seeking behavior which has many to speculate as to the cause.

Whatever you say about Apryl though, you can't say that she's not beautiful. Here are some more pictures of Apryl looking great:

Apryl recently celebrated her son Megaa's birthday along with her new "friend" Lil Fizz. Apryl and Omarion’s son celebrated his fifth birthday about a week ago. The celebrity mom told her Instagram fans that Megaa’s birthday “was epic.” Apryl also took to social media to dote on her son.

“Five years ago I birthed this amazing human,” Jones wrote of her son. “Where has the time gone,” the celebrity mom asked. “I’m so blessed to be your mother,” Apryl wrote to Megaa. “You continue to amaze me year after year.”

Despite the cause for celebration, the drama between Apryl and Omarion continues as the celebrity parents work out the terms of their pending divorce. Apryl brought Lil’ Fizz to a court hearing a few days ago, which fueled rumors of the celebrity mom and the rapper being an item.

“Why is Fizz going to court with Apryl,” one online fan asked. Another critic wrote, “Fizz should NOT be in court for Apryl and O’s divorce drama … and taking APRYL’S side! He’s so foul!”