Omarion, the lead singer of the 2000s group B2K is dealing with some drama in his life. His babys mother Apryl Jones is now sleeping with his B2K bandmate Lil Fizz.

And all of the drama between the three is being captured for the VH1 cameras. All three have signed on to the cast of the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

Last year, MTO News told you guys that there were rumors that Apryl and Fizz were hooking up. Yesterday Apryl and Fizz went on Instagram Live, and confirmed their relationship to the world.

Here's Moneice (Fizz babys mother) and Apryl explaining Fizz/Apryl's "relationship."

According to Fizz' babies mother Moneice - Apryl and Fizz moved in together, and are planning on getting married.

So how does Omarion feel about it? Not good.

According to one of our Love & Hip Hop snitches, Omarion and Fizz had a physical altercation on camera. Unfortunately the security broke things up before anyone was able to land any blows.

It’s no secret that the guys in the group weren’t getting along very well from before the tour, and during the tour, we saw some of it spilled out into the public. Raz B left the tour before it was even over and now Lil Fizz is banging Omarion’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his child. It doesn’t get messier than that. Despite the drama surrounding the group, the tour was hugely successful with sold out shows all across the United States.

On Friday, Moniece Slaughter went on her IG Live to spill the tea, and a short time after that, Apryl Jones went on her Live and confirmed that she and Fizz are living together.

Apryl Jones and Omarion dated for years and have two children together. The couple was even featured on Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood before their bitter split. Some fans are now saying that Fizz and Apryl’s relationship is a publicity stunt for Love and Hip Hop. There seems to be a lot going on currently with cast members of the Love and Hip Hop franchise.