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The new season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is set to be explosive. One of the cast members on the show told MTO News that they believe that Apyrl Jones may have "miscarried" a baby during filming.

Three months ago there were rampant rumors that Apryl, who already has two children by R&B singer Omarion, may have been pregnant again. According to the rumors - her new baby's father was not Omarion - but his B2K bandmate Lil Fizz.

Well Apryl never confirmed or denied these rumors. Instead she basically played the entire situation close to the vest.

Here are pics of Apryl taken a few months ago, when the pregnant rumors were at there height:


While it's not clear whether she was pregnant three months ago, it's clear that she's NOT PREGNANT NOW.

If you look at Apryl's stomach now - it looks completely flat. The reality star took to Instagram this weekend, showing that she no longer has a protruding stomach. Look at the side by side comparison pics.


So what happened? We asked one of the current cast members of Love & Hip Hop if they could speculate as to what they think is going on. The insider explained, "If I had to bet, I'd say she had a miscarriage or something of that sort."

The new season of Love & Hip Hop starts in a couple of weeks and we expect it to be the best season ever.