R&B singer Omarion has been mostly silent on the relationship between his baby's mother Apryl Jones and B2K bandmate Lil Fizz.

The “Icebox” singer has been praised on social media for being unbothered and quiet as Apryl and Fizz’s relationship unfolded. Omarion confirmed to Vlad that he and Fizz’s relationship was mostly professional although having been associated with each since they were teens, it’s hard to believe there are no personal feelings associated with this situation.

But yesterday he fired shots at the couple - telling them to KEEP HIS NAME OUT THEIR MOUTHS.

Omarion and Fizz were close friends and bandmates for over 10 years. And last year, Fizz started dating the mother of Omarion's two children, Apryl Jones.

In a new interview with Vlad TV, Omarion spoke out about Fizz and Apryl's relationship.

During the interview Omarion tried his best to be remain calm during. He appears emotionally disconnected from the subject, but you could tell that behind the facade - he was upset.

Omarion told Vlad, "I don't feel any type of way about their relationship, if they're happy then they should be happy."

But Omarion did fire a few shots at the couple. He suggested that the couple is using his name and the scandal surrounding their relationship for clout.

"If it's their so-called happiness, I shouldn't be a part of it," Omarion explained.


Fizz and Apryl Jones went public with their relationship on Love & Hip Hop, a move that from the outside looking in seemed shady considering how close Fizz and Omarion were. Vlad jokingly likens their relationship to a hypothetical situation where starts dating after her and Offset break up.