Tika Sumpter and Omari Hardwick star in a new movie called 'Nobody's Fool' which is produced by Paramount Pictures, Tyler Perry Studios & BET Films.

The pair play a romantic couple in the movie. But in real life, both Tika and Omari are both happily married - to White spouses.

Omari is married to the lovely Jennifer Pfautch. The pair got hitched in 2012 after dating for some years. The couple have two children together.

Tika is married to the gorgeous actor Nick James,. The two jumped the broom earlier this year in a private ceremony. And the couple has one child together.

Here are pics of everyone:


Recently Tika was in the news when she defended her relationship. You see, people on social media were coming for her because of her interracial relationship. The couple have a child together, and by all accounts seem VERY happy.

But Nick is White, and so some one social media are BLASTING Tika, and calling her a "bed wench." The term "bed wench" is used to describe Black women who turns against her race - just to get the affection of a White man.

One social media troll posted a pic, which he claimed shows Tika's husband. The troll was attempting to show that Tika lowered her standards, in choosing a husband.

Regardless Tika was unbothered because the pair have be private about their relationship for the most part, but sharing a child and being married has totally changed the game.