Ohio Officer BEAT By Black Man . . . The Hood Saves The COP!! (Video)


An Ohio police officer was beaten by a Black man and had to be rescued by members of the community, MTO News has learned.


Video of the crazy encounter was uploaded onto Twitter yesterday and has since gone viral.

In the video, an Ohio police officer grabs a Black man and starts manhandling him. It's not clear why - or whether the officer has the authority to grab the man.

The man immediately resists the officer's attack, knocks him to the ground and begins punching him in the face. For a second, it looked like the cop was about to be pounded into unconsciousness.

But then the hood stepped in and rescued the officer.

Within minutes, the video shows a group of men come to the cop's aid. They pulled the man off the cop, beat him up, and held him down until police officers arrived.

Watch the shocking video: