Ohio DAY CARE WORKER Is CONVICTED Of Molesting Boy At Day Care . . . He Claims It Was JUST AN 'MISTAKE' . . . And Guess How Much TIME HE GOT!!!


A former Ohio State University day care worker who was convicted of molesting a boy under his care and videotaping the incident had an unusual "defense" at his sentencing hearing. Nathan Fassnacht, 34, claims that he made a "terrible mistake" by sexually abusing a child, beginning when the boy was in the university's day care program and eventually videotaping the abuse.

The judge, Judge Chris Brown, did not agree. He told Nathan, "This is not a mistake," Judge Chris Brown said. "This is a pattern of conduct, abusive conduct... There were 5,600 images of child pornography on your computer. That's not a mistake."

Nathan was sentenced to only 18 years in prison. He is eligible for parole in as little as six years.