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The National Enquirer Is Claiming That There's EVIDENCE And PICTURES . . . Proving Will Smith And Duane Martin Are 'GAY LOVERS' !!! (You Believe This . . . Or Is It LIES!!)

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This week's National Enquirer is dropping a BOMBSHELL. Here is what they are reporting:

It’s a humiliating bombshell that could destroy Will Smith’s fractured marriage: The Suicide Squad actor has been drawn into a secret hush money and cover-up scandal with his rumored gay lover! The explosive allegations about Smith’s scheme with actor and longtime friend Duane Martin were uncovered in scandalous court documents obtained by

Martin filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy with his wife of 20 years, Tisha Campbell-Martin, on January 7, claiming they owed more than $15,145,387. And in documents filed in the case, the trustee of the proceedings claims that Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, paid big bucks to help the Martins protect their assets. What’s more, the trustee said that information about the secret deal was hidden away on Martin’s personal laptop — along with photos and videos that the actor doesn’t want the world to see!