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OH MY GAWWWWWD!! Look How AMAZING Tisha Campbell Martin Looks NOW . . . She's Better NOW . . . Than She Looked ON MARTIN!!!

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Tisha Campbell was one of the most FAMOUS Black actresses in the 1990s, playing GINA on the hit show Martin.

Since leaving Martin, Tisha has enjoyed several high profile roles. Her most famous being her role as Jay in comedy series "My Wife And Kids" alongside Damon Wayans. She's also landed recurring roles in Everybody Hates Chris and Real Husbands of Hollywood.

She has of course been in the headlines regarding the upcoming Martin reboot. But Tisha also recently shared her #MeToo story, about being molested as a child.

"That would be a family thing, respectfully," Tisha told Daily Pop. "But I will say I'm very open about me being sexually abused when I was three years old. And when children, especially in their formative years, have something like that happen to them, it's devastating."

Tisha later shared, "I told, I told right away, right away I told. I had a father who was a big guy, and I trusted that he would protect me. So I told my dad immediately, but it still affects you later on in life."

But that was then, Check out what the 49-year-old actress/wife/mother looks like now!! It seems that the Martin reboot may have given her the inspiration she needed to get back into the gym. She now looks better than ever.

What do you think? Has Tisha aged like a fine wine or is it just same old Gina to y'all?

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Since the show ended, Tisha has STAYED in the public eye - but sometimes she hasn't looked ALL THAT GOOD.

But that was then, Check out what the 49 year old actress/wife/mother looks like now!!

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