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OG from the hit series Basketball Wives plans to unveil her new eyebrows - on next week’s episode.

One of the show producers sent MTO News a screenshot taken from an upcoming confessional and OG's brows look - odd.

The producer who sent us the pic is aligned with Evelyn Lozada - OG's mortal enemy on the reality show.

Here's the pic. Ummm. Alrighty then . .  


Next week's episode of Basketball Wives will be the best of the season so far. In it Evelyn Lozada will be thrown into the bushes, by fellow castmate OG.

In the episode, Evelyn will run up on OG, and her friends, Jennifer Williams and Cece Scott. But before Evelyn could attack any of them, OG quickly jumped into action, and flung the 43 year old mother of 2 into the bushes.

Here's the full story LINK

Evelyn, who is known for getting violent with other cast members, really messed with the wrong one when she ran up on OG.

OG - whose real name is Ogom Chijindu - is a model, fashion designer, makeup artist, and event planner. But in her day job, she's a professional football player - and she's good at it. She tosses women around the football field for a living.

OG's boyfriend is Kwame Alexander, and he's a professional basketball player who plays overseas.