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Cardi B and Offset dodged a bullet - Offset's alleged side chick is claiming that she is NOT pregnant.

Summer Bunni, an Instagram model, and rapper, publicly admitted to being Offset's side chick. Summer claims that she and the Migos rapper were "dating" this summer, and he tried to arrange a threesome with her and another female rapper named Chyna Doll.

When their alleged affair was initially uncovered, rumors swirled that Summer may be pregnant with Cardi's husband's baby. Well now we know that she's NOT pregnant.

Here she is, dispelling the pregnancy rumors last night on Live:

Cardi and Offset are in the process of reconciling. And the fact that Summer isn't pregnant, is going to make their reconciliation a lot easier.

Summer is 20 years old, and she's using her "affair" with Cardi's husband as her come up.


Before we feel too sorry for Cardi - let's all remember what she was like when she was 20 years old.

This is what Cardi thought about being the side chick a couple of years ago:

According to Complex, Summer Bunni, The 20-something-year-old from Dallas, Texas recorded a tell-all interview with Power 106. Why haven't we heard it? Well, allegedly Cardi B is blocking it from airing.

We know this thanks to Bunni's Instagram Live story, captured and posted by @amadisworld_ on YouTube. You can watch that video linked above. For about 10 minutes, she talks about how "people" don't want the truth to come out, saying that all the questions anyone might have about her alleged affair with Offset are in the Power 106 interview.