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Offset's alleged side chick is suggesting that she was with Cardi's estranged husband last night, MTO News has learned.

The drama popped off last night when Cardi B posted a shady post - possibly aimed at Summer Bunni, the woman who claimed to have an affair with Offset. Well, Summer Bunni responded - and claimed that she was "on her way" to see Offset.

Cardi posted the following pic, along with the caption, "B*tch sit down before I sit you."

Almost immediately afterward, Summer Bunni posted a reply on her Instagram. And Summer's reply suggests that she was with Cardi's estranged husband last night.

The alleged side chick wrote that she is "sitting, but on my way to your n*gga." The caption suggests that Summer Bunni was on her way to Cardi's husband Offset last night.

We confirmed that both Offset and Summer were both in Los Angeles yesterday.


Offset and Cardi are in the process of reconciling, after Cardi announced publicly that she's separating from her husband.

It would be extremely DUMB for Offset to still be associating with Summer Bunni. We hope for his sake, that Summer's just trolling.

Bunni is now back peddling and has stated her decision to retract her "sorry." During an interview with J. Cruz and the Power 106 crew, Bunni seemed to regret her initial inclination to show remorse.

“I just want to set the record straight about the apology video. At this time, I really just take the apology back. ” When asked whether other industry figures have shown any love to her, Bunni became emotional as she claimed that "nobody" has been supportive.