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Offset's new album was supposed to come out yesterday, but it's been pushed back. And according to one person close to the Migos rapper, Cardi has been "sabotaging" the album.

Cardi B separated from Offset last week, after rumors surfaced that he was allegedly cheating on her and trying to arrange a threesome with another female rapper.

People close to Offset believe that since Cardi's announcement, she's worked to sabotage the release of his new album. It's not clear whether they believe Cardi is knowingly working to mess up her husband's album.

But MTO News spoke with people close to the Migos rapper - who are upset with the things Cardi is allegedly doing to 'sabotage' Offset's new album.

So what did Cardi do? Well according to our snitch. Offset planned on using his daughter Kulture's face, as the cover art of this album. 

The insider told MTO News, "Cardi knew that [Offset] was using Kulture's face on the album, as a big reveal. She f*cked it up by releasing a pic of her daughter on Instagram."

Here's what Cardi posted:

Also, we're told that Cardi is NOT signing off on a few releases that they need before the album can be put out. The insider added, "[Cardi] is being difficult now that she's upset with [Offset]."

Offset's label announced yesterday that they are postponing the release of his album. They did not give a reason for the postponement. They also did not give a new date, when the album will be released.