Offset Won't Be Present At Cardi B's DELIVERY . . . Scheduled A CONCERT Instead!!

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MTO News just got some very interesting TEA. Offset is NOT scheduled to be at his wife's bedside - when she delivers their first child together. Offset decided that he's rather make a BAG performing at a concert - than being present when Cardi gives birth.

Last month, Cardi confirmed that her official due date is July 7th - this coming Saturday.

But unfortunately Offset isn't scheduled to be present. You see, Offset and the Migos are scheduled to be at the Wireless Music Festival in the United Kingdom on Saturday . And a little birdie told us that Offset and his bros left town ON A FLIGHT THIS MORNING.

That means Offset has to hope that Cardi can HOLD THE BABY UP a few days - otherwise he'll miss the birth.

We understand getting a BAG . .. but not being there for your wife's FIRST BORN???

The Bronx native became the first female rapper ever to have two No. 1 Hot 100 singles, courtesy of monster hits “Bodak Yellow” and “I Like It,” Billboard reported Monday.

Cardi, 25, marked the milestone with an Instagram video of herself twerking in her home and shouting, “I’m No. 1! I’m No. 1 again! And I’m about to give birth, birth, birth.”

Cardi recently said publicly, “I wanna have sex but I [lose] my breath soo fast,” she tweeted with a series of yawning and sad emojis.

When a fan responded that “pregnancy sex is the best sex,” Cardi quipped, “Not at this last stage … baby too big.”

One thing she isn’t concerned with, however, is whether or not Offset, 26, is still attracted to her.

In a makeup-free video celebrating her groundbreaking chart status, she told fans, “I know I look a little f—ked up and s—t … but I ain’t go out nowhere. It’s hot as f—k, I’m pregnant as f—k … Who am I getting cute for? My n—a gonna f—k me regardless!”