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Offset Wanted Cardi To STOP MAKING 'Thot Music'; Hates The Song WAP!

MTO News finally has some real tea, on what was going on in Cardi and Offset's marriage - and what ended up DESTROYING IT.

We spoke with two people close to Cardi, and they tell us that Offset was upset with Cardi's image - he felt that she was making "thot" music, and was embarrassed by it - so he wanted her to stop.

Cardi's friend explained, "Offset wanted Cardi to stop being so [vulgar] in her music. He wanted her to be all clean, but that's not who Cardi is."

And he claims that when Cardi dropped her latest song WAP, Offset was furious.

The pal told MTO News, "Offset was really upset with WAP. I think he's embarrassed by her."

But Cardi's not the type of gal that ANY man can control - so instead of changing her music, she decided to change husbands.

Cardi's pal added, "Cardi doesn't need anyone in her life that's going to hold her back from being all that she can be."

So what do you think - should Cardi have to choose between her brand of hip hop and her marriage???