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Offset is being accused of offering to have a threesome, with another female rapper - Cuban Doll.

It looks like Cardi B and Offset's relationship is about to hit another rough patch, after explosive allegations against her husband just surfaced. A woman is claiming that Cardi's husband wanted to have a threesome with female rapper Cuban Doll and her friend.

And the person making the allegations BROUGHT RECEIPTS.

A former friend to female rapper Cuban Doll is spilling the alleged tea. She claims that Offset tried to have a threesome with Cuban and her friend. The tea spiller, who is now trying to put Cuban Doll on BLAST, claims that Cuban is a hypocrite - for now trying to befriend Offset's wife Cardi B. after communicating with the Migos rapper about a threesome.

The friend claims that Offset wanted to have relations with Cuban Doll and one of her girlfriends. And that Offset offered to pay for a flight, to bring Cuban to Atlanta for the menage-a-trois.

And this alleged incident happened in LATE JUNE - when Cardi was 8 months pregnant.

Here are the receipts showing that Offset was allegedly trying to set up a threesome with Cuban Doll.


Here is female rapper Cuban Doll.


And here is the girl that made the accusations: