Offset SPEAKS OUT After Cardi B FIGHT DRAMA . . . Wants Cardi To 'RIDE FOR HIM'!!!

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Last week, Cardi B allegedly got Offset's side chick JUMPED at a NYC strip club. Cardi now is doing her best to avoid criminal action for the incident.

Since the drama surrounding the alleged attack, her husband OFFSET has been unusually quiet. Not anymore, Yesterday he posted a cryptic message on Instagram. Many of his fans believe that the message was meant for his wife Cardi.

In the message, Offset claims that he expected someone to "ride for him." And he added that if that person "didn't" ride for him . . . "f*ck them."

Here's the post:


Yesterday Offset also revealed a giant face tattoo of his daughter Kulture's name. . . 

According to TMZ:

Offset loves playing the name game -- when it comes to tattoos -- and now he's got one on his cheek of his baby girl's name. 

The Migos rapper showed off his new ink Saturday ... a giant "Kulture" tat on his face in honor of his daughter with Cardi B. 

This isn't a first for Offset -- he's also got a tattoo on the other cheek with his youngest son's name and a big shoulder tat for his oldest son.

Cardi's not left out either ... he got her named inked on his neck earlier this year.