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Offset had some choice words for blogs when he sat down in a recent interview with GQ.

The rapper, who has just released his solo debut, 'Father Of 4' is upset about blogs painting him as the "bad guy."

"This is what it is: I’m 27, I’m a young guy, we done stepped into some things we didn’t really know too much about. We love each other and everything, but it’s like, we was going through a separation—both of us are artists on top too—so when certain blogs would lie or say something that wasn’t true, I would still become the bad guy somehow," he told GQ.

 I don’t get why it can’t just be: I f*cked up, I made my say, and we moved past that sh*t. That’s my family going through it. Blogs are doing it for the views and comments. Blogs be knowing when it’s bullsh*t, and when it’s true sh*t. Just keeping it all the way 1000. When it be bullsh*t, they still run with it as if it’s true sh*t."

He also blamed the blog for causing insecurities in his home:

"I want to be an artist, bro. You know me as Offset from the Migos. The personal sh*t, that’s for me and my family. When I do my apology, I’m doing it for my family, bro. It’s not for you. You’ve got to keep your family tight, especially in the public eye. I ain’t no perfect dude, I’ve done some f*cked up shit. But we moved past that. I’m growing as a man, I’m educating myself. The blogs just trying to be shooting n*ggas down all day, bro. At the end of the day, it causes insecurities inside the house. Keep that to yourself. I can’t go in your living room and tell you how your step daddy is f*cked up because he did this or that. I would never do that. So that song is just a personal song. I gotta be strong through stuff, because I’m the man, I got to hold my family up, even if they slip up or trip because of me."

Not that him cheating in the past has anything to do with insecurities in his own home or anything...