Offset Out With CARDI & His Babys Mama . .. Dressed The SAME . . . Are They In A HAREM??

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Offset, Cardi B and babys mama Shya L'amour were out at the mall together. And Cardi and Shya looked like twinsies.

Something is going on with Cardi, Offset, and his daughter's mother - female rapper Shya L'amour. They either have the best BLENDED FAMILY situation ever . . . or they're a part of something MORE INTIMATE.

MTO News has been hearing for weeks that Cardi has moved in with Offset, in his suburban Atlanta home. We confirmed that indeed Cardi HAS moved in with her fiance.

But now we're also hearing that Offset's daughter and her mom Shya may also be MOVING INTO THE SAME HOME. Sounds bizarre right.

Well it gets even stranger. MTO News obtained images taken this weekend, which shows Offset, Cardi, and Shya all at the mall together. And it appears that Shya and Cardi have the EXACT same hair color. And they are wearing similar clothes too.

We're not sure exactly WHAT to make of all this . . .

Here's the three of them at Cumberland Mall together:


Note that both ladies are wearing Blue tanks and have the EXACT SAME shade of red hair:

Today Cardi shared her new video for her single "Be Careful." In the Jora Frantzis-directed clip, she marries a man in the desert before ultimately burying him. Cardi recently joined Jennifer Lopez and DJ Khaled for their new song “Dinero” and hopped on Rita Ora’s “Girls” with Charli XCX and Bebe Rexha. Last month, she was interviewed by Nardwuar. Earlier this month, she revealed she was pregnant during her “SNL” performance.