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Offset is currently on a promotional tour to promote his new album, 'Father of Four.'

During a visit to 'Ebro In The Morning', he opened up about his journey to quit drinking lean. Offset attributes some of his poor decision making to the drink, and is working hard to get off it once and for all.

"I'm getting off this drank, this lean. It was never a cool thing for me," He told Ebro.

 "I never was putting pictures of me pouring it up and doing that. It became something I was doing, it became a hobby. It became something that I just gotta do. And then I started to notice like, 'I'm not gon' get to my full potential with this!' Then people start noticing that you love—like your mama tell you like, 'Son, you need to stop drinking that stuff.' I take that hard like, damn!"

Watch the full interview below