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Cardi B and Offset enjoy having RELATIONS with one another. And yesterday Offset released another pic - showing how much he loves being "close" with his wife.

The Migos rapper and his wife were recently on vacation in the Dominican Republic. While there, the couple took a pair of jet skis out for a ride.

Offset had one of his security team snap a pic of him grinding on Cardi - just before they got on the jet skis - and she was just wearing a bikini.

We're told by a person VERY close to Cardi that there is a chance that she may have gotten pregnant AGAIN on that vacation. And if she is, Cardi and her husband are DEFINITELY keeping the baby.

Here's the pic that Offset leaked:


We reported just last week that Cardi, the 26-year-old Bronx rapper apparently canceled her concerts to fly to the Dominican Republic for breast implants surgery, according to gossip mongers on the ‘Gram.

The mom-of-one posted photos that showed her and husband Kiari Cephus, aka Offset, on vacation. Offset, 26, wears a surgical mask in one photo. In another photo, Cardi shows off her new boobs in a mirror selfie.

One IG user who claims to know the tea writes:

“Shes been in DR Because she recuperating from full body surgery,just look at her boobs. What I don’t like is that her team lied to the public and faked a seizure to make the public feel bad for her and understand why she canceled her shows. Meanwhile she was in DR Getting cheap surgery.”