Offset Caught Cheating - Hides Phone When Cardi Enters Room!! (VIDEO)


Cardi B's husband Offset is being accused of cheating on her again, MTO News has learned.

[see video above]

While there's no hard evidence of Offset actually stepping out on Cardi, he is certainly acting very suspicious in the video.

Yesterday, Offset was Livestreaming himself playing video games. And while he was playing the game - Cardi came into the room.


As the video shows, Offset appeared to become fearful when he heard his wife approaching. He immediately took his phone - from the table - and stuck it inside his pocket.

Here is the video:

The video has fans talking - and they suspect that Offset is hiding conversations with women from his wife.

Here are some of the comments, made by concerned fans of Cardi:

This quarantine ain’t gonna cure the hoe in people. Wait until it lifts up

Lol. Poor Cardi. You cannot tame a sag baby. But I think they still have a genuine bond.

I wish the f**k I would be in a relationship where sh^t like this is happening. Both of them need to let it go if he is doing all that.