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Migos rapper Offset's felony gun charges have been dropped, but according to reports, they've only been dropped because the FBI is looking into him.

The Clayton County D.A.confirmed to TMZ that the prosecutors dismissed all charges on July 1 against the Migos after they were asked to stand down at the request of the U.S. Attorney's Office because the feds are in the middle of an investigation.

But Offset's legal team seem to be unaware of any FBI involvement:

"We have received no information to indicate that Mr. Cephus is the target of any federal investigation," Offset's attorney Drew Findling said in a statement.

"In the many hours of video footage from multiple officers, no traffic violation is captured, and at no time does any officer claim or mention that Mr. Cephus failed to maintain a lane which was later used to try to justify the stop," Drew Findling said.