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BREAKING NEWS: Offset's Side Chick JUST GAVE BIRTH . . . And Their Child Is A PREEMIE!! (PICS)


Cardi B is officially a step-mom. Early this morning Instagram model Celina Powell gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Karma Kiari. Celina told media that the child's father is Cardi's fiance Offset.

Celina told fans that the beautiful baby was born slightly premature.

Celina has blocked all comments on her Instagram, so her followers could not give her a piece of their minds... But that didn't stop Twitter.

"I actually know for sure that she never met or slept with Offset. You act like Celina is someone that no one actually knows in real life 🤣"

"Celina Powell told everybody she was pregnant by Offset and so was Cardi MONTHS ago😭now she’s about to have her baby. Oh man. "

"Aw offset new baby was born today I know cardi b pissed😂"

"Mannnn! I hope that ain’t Offset baby.. and the fact she named the baby “Karma Cephus” I’m done 😫."

Now we are all sitting back and awaiting the results of the impending DNA test - and there will be one. If Celina isn't telling the truth, the whole world will know. But if the baby if Offset's, we cannot imagine Cardi B taking this well at all. Their fairytale relationship could soon be coming to an end. Cheating is one thing. A baby is a whole new bag.

Take a look at Offset's alleged new baby below. What do you guys think? Is she telling the truth or is she trying to come up on a lie?