Offset Buys Cardi A Birthday Present . . . A $450K Lamborghini Truck!! (PICS)

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Cardi B's birthday is just around the corner, and her husband Offset decided to do something special for her. The Migos rapper bought her a $450K Lamborghini truck.

Offset tricked Cardi into flying to their Atlanta home, then surprised her with the new half-million dollar truck.

Cardi seemed excited - but also relieved - in the video where Offset revealed her present. She'd been told that Offset was suffering from health issues, in order to get her to come home for the surprise.

But after Cardi shook the shock off - she really appreciated what Offset did for her. He told his bae that she got her present early because he wanted her to be the first person in America with that SUV. If he would have waited for her actual birthday, someone else might have it.

Here is video:

Although Cardi B can’t actually drive yet, the vehicle adds to her growing collection.

Offset and Cardi B recently showed off their his and hers Lamborghinis on Instagram, while the ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper bought Offset a Rolls Royce Wraith for his birthday earlier this year.

Cardi B’s actual birthday isn’t until October 11th however Offset bought his wife an early gift.

Offset, who enjoys vehicles, was hospitalized earlier this year after he was involved in a serious car crash.