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Offset Babys Mama Demands $10K A Month Child Support . . . Says She 'Needs It' . . . To Get 'HER BUTT DONE'!! (Offset Knocked Up A Real RATCHET)


Offset 's baby's mama may be the most RATCHETEST girl that we've ever encountered. Yesterday she gave an interview with Instagram blogger Akademiks, and she told her legal strategy - to get a BIG BAG A MONTH out of Offset.

According to Celina, she wants $10K a month because "that's what Chris Brown's baby mama gets." And she plans on using the money to get her butt enhanced. Wow . . .

She has been sent a "cease and desist" letter from Offset's team but she is refusing to be silenced.

"I’m done talkin.they hired the best lawyer in New York to serve me with a cease & desist letter, I wrote back “suck my dick bitch have him do a dna test” i haven’t heard 1 WORD BACK.If they have so much money y can’t they jus get the security footage from the hotel or do the dna?," she tweeted.

At this point, Offset just needs to take the test. This woman is clearly just looking for a come up and doesn't care about how hoe-ish she's coming across to the world. What type of individual brings a baby into this world just to cash in? If he is the father, we hope the judge takes this interview into consideration.