Officer's Daughter KILLS Teen Beauty Queen . . . Claims SELF DEFENSE . . . And WALKS FREE!!

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Brittany Allgood, and 18-year old Memphis honor student and aspiring model was killed this week - stabbed in the heart by a woman who mistakenly thought Brittany was "cheating" with her boyfriend.

Brittany recently graduated from Ridgeway High School in Memphis and looked forward to attending college. She had no history of violence, and no previous run ins with the law. But her life was taken by a girl named Bianca Sims - who happens to be the daughter of a Memphis police officer.

Bianca admits to stabbing Brittany to death, but she claims self defense. She was detained briefly at the scene, but has not been arrested or otherwise taken into police custody. 

When police arrived on the scene, officers found two women fighting (who knew each other). The person responsible for the stabbing remained on the scene. She was later detained by officers. However, MPD confirmed with FOX13 Sunday afternoon that no charges will be filled at this time as it does appear to be self-defense.

According to the family spokesperson, “there are many disputed facts in this case along with evidence, including witness accounts, video footage, and social media posts, that establish that Ms. Sims may have threatened Brittany for months before the incident, asked Brittany for and discovered her location using social media on the day of the incident, attempted to run Brittany over with her vehicle upon sighting her at a different location just minutes before the incident, invited Brittany to follow her and lured her to a friend’s apartment complex so they could fight, and then stabbed Brittany with a large butcher knife that she brought to the scene after Brittany arrived and ran up to her car weaponless.”