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MTO News has obtained a very disturbing video, which appears to show a police officer planting drugs on a Black man.

The video was reportedly taken in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana..

HERE IS THE VIDEO - warning contains graphic imagery

According to the person who uploaded the video, the video was taken yesterday and shows an incident where police jumped on a Black man - and accused him of selling crack-cocaine.

But what happens next is explosive. One officer appears to dig in his pocket, pull out a baggie containing a white substance, and places it on the ground next to the Black man.

Many on social media suspect that the officer may have been "planting" evidence to frame their suspect.

Then things get dangerous - for the videographer.

When the videographer yells at the officer, and explains that he captured the officer's actions on video -the officer flies into a rage and chases the cameraman.

Luckily the videographer got away, and quickly uploaded the video onto social media.

According to the United States Supreme Court, people are permitted to film police arrests, so long as they do not physically interfere with the officers carrying out the arrest.

MTO News reached out to the Jefferson Parrish police Department for comment. Sop far we have not received a response.

HERE IS THE VIDEO - warning contains graphic imagery