Odell Beckham Jr. Blasts NFL For Commencing Season


Odell Beckham Jr. is putting the NFL on blast -- accusing them of resuming the season for the coins.

Obviously, with everything that's going on, it doesn't make sense why we're trying to do this. I can understand basketball was already in the playoffs. Five-on-five basketball in an arena is going to be more intense than regular-season games," he told The Wall Street Journal. "Hooping is different than playing an 11-on-11 contact sport where there's 80 people in a locker room. We're not ready for football season." 

He continued, "So why are we trying to push forward? It's obviously for their money. And that bothers me because there's always been this -- and I hate saying it like that -- but the owners' [attitude is], 'Oh we own you guys,' and just kind of that unfairness going on that they don't see us as human. I just feel like the season shouldn't happen and I'm prepared for it to not happen and I wouldn't mind not having it."

Is he right? Is it only for the money?