NFL star Odell Beckham was known for his spectacular one hand catches, and for dating models - usually blondes.

Well now we're being told that Odell has decided to give "sisters" a chance. But it seems he's still into blondes.

MTO News spoke with one of Odell's closest friends, and he told us that Odell is turning over a new leaf. The insider explained, "Odell is now a lot more 'woke' with the way he approaches life. He still loves everyone, but he's choosing  to date a Black woman."

The woman who Odell is dating is model Lauren Wood, who classifies herself as "Black," but she's more "exotical" in appearance.

MTO news confirmed that Lauren and Odell are dating - and have been for months. And the two are getting serious.

And yes . . . we have receipts. Here are pics of the two love birds wearing matching jeans, and matching Travis Scott Jordans.


Here are her pics:

OBJ and Lolo are as strong as ever.

You know things will be real serious if she’s going to spend the Winter in Cleveland.

But, it also appears that Ms. Wood has a past and someone is creating fake pages to get under OBJ’s skin and it finally worked according to Sports Gossip.

OBJ recently had it out with some trolls on instagram after they came at him about his sexuality and his relationship with IG model, Lauren 'LoLo' Wood. Apparently, some people have taken issue with the fact that OBJ is reportedly dating Wood, as evidenced by the responses to a comment he left on one of her recent posts.

One commenter replied to Beckham, "thought you liked dudes." A number of women also compared OBJ to other black men who strictly date white women, which prompted the following response from the 26-year old Pro Bowler:

"alllllllottt of the women in these comments whose hating (no disrespect at all) I wouldn't holla at y'all if a bet was on the line. Stop it I'm very appreciative for women being placed on this Earth... I rallly really mean that, but some of y'all commenting is hitttt"