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We're all still waiting for Eminem to respond to Nick Cannon, but Em's friend and former artist, Obie Trice, has released a second diss track aimed at Cannon... and we're not really sure why.

"Beth Gardner gave your b*tch ass birth/What's wrong with her?/Who put the worm in her?/Who bust sperm in her?/Beth shoulda murdered ya," spits Obie.

"You's a rich n*gga, stay in your lane/Don't let this beef sh*t interfere with your fame/ Detroit City, detrimental to the brain, we don't f*ck with you lames/Y'all f*ck up the game, y'all suffocate everything real then put your twist on it/B*tch like you got skills," he raps on "SpankyHayes2."

The beef between Em and Nick appears to have simmered down, at least until Em responds, but we think that Obie should really let Em fight his own battles.

50 Cent also inserted himself into the beef but has not released any diss tracks - only memes on social media.