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Oakland Looters Loot A Car Dealership - Steal Cars Off Showroom Floor!! (Video)


Protests and looting is spreading all across America. Last night in Oakland, MTO News confirmed that a group of protesters burst into a Honda dealership in downtown Oakland, and stole multiple cars.


Yes, you read that right - the looters, looted cars. See the above video for the footage.

But that's just the start of what popped off in Oakland last night. The George Floyd protests in Oakland turned violent after demonstrators clashed with Oakland police officers and shut down I-880.

Protesters began marching around 8 p.m. and made their way to the interstate as officers monitored the situation from afar.

According to authorities as of Saturday morning, 60 suspected looters were detained for further investigation, 18 people were arrested by Oakland police and four were arrested by other agencies during the protests.

Six Oakland police officers and seven other members of law enforcement were injured, according to early reports.