O.T. Genasis Apologizes To Keyshia Cole For Offensive Remarks


Rapper O.T. Genasis hopped on social media to issue a groveling apology to Keyshia Cole after making offensive remarks about the odor of her genitalia on social media.

"Look @keyshiacole I was really just jokin on dat IG LIVE SH*T..Pple screen record and blow it out of proportion.Make a n*gga really look thirsty I ain't trippin," he wrote.

Social media is accusing the rapper of bullying Keyshia, and his comments claiming that her vaginal area smelled like "fish" was certainly not a very nice thing to do -- even as a joke.

Keyshia's sister Neffi hopped on Instagram to call him out for his recent statements.

"I will never respect a Greasy disrespectful shadow of a man coming for a woman who has said nothing about you! Men with Mommy issues trying to tear women down I know you got bullied in school and was always denied by the pretty girls clearly! so Um is this the new normal?" she wrote.