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NYers ATTACK Suicidal Man . . . For DELAYING Subway!! ('Kill Yourself Somewhere Else')


A suicidal man was nearly KILLED by angry New Yorkers who were upset that his suicide attempt caused delays in the subway. The incident occurred Saturday night, in Harlem.

The whole thing was caught on Livestream. And it showed just how INSENSITIVE New Yorkers can be - especially when they 're dealing with Subway delays.

A young man is believed to have attempted suicide - by jumping in front of a NY subway train. Luckily for him the train engineer managed to STOP before hitting him. But the young man was not out of danger yet.

A group of angry passengers got off the train and threatened to beat the man up, and possibly more. The incident was caught on camera - and you can see the young man berated and spit on by the angry crowd.

Eventually the man had to be saved by police - who took him in, presumably for a mental health evaluation.