A New York City woman may be facing criminal charges after she was caught on camera brutally beating her boyfriend. The incident was captured on Facebook Live and was streamed out to thousands of people on social media, MTO News has learned.

Here is the video - warning it is VERY graphic

The incident started when the unidentified woman appears to catch her boyfriend texting other women. She immediately flies into a rage and starts brutally beating the young man.

And the angry woman - who appeared to be pregnant - was relentless.

She showered blows on the allegedly unfaithful boyfriend, Then she picked up a belt, and started whipping him like a child.

According to multiple people from the comments, the man's friends called the police. It's not clear what actions if any, the police took or will take.

MTO News reached out to the NY police for comment, but we did not receive one by the time of publication.

Here is the video - warning it is VERY graphic