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NYC Police Say That A CREDIT CARD SCAMMING RING Targeted BARNEYS . . . After The DISCRIMINATION LAWSUIT . . . Barneys Had 'LAX' Security Against BLACK MEN!!!

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The New York Police made a landmark bust of a ring of credit card scammers they claim made $414,000 in profits - by making purchases with stolen credit card accounts at Barneys New York. Police say that the scammers chose BARNEYS, because they new the embattled department store wouldn't check their credit cards. Barneys made international headlines when it admitted to racially profiling BLACK MEN.

Since then the department store issued measures to ensure that Black men were NOT singled out by security.

The Scammers, who police say are named the “Pop Out Boys,” exploited Barneys' new policy. Police say they bought and resold Goyard handbags and other luxury items, then used the cash to fund nightclub outings and trips to Miami, California and Georgia, police said.

The Pop Out Boys were also a rap group. They actually made a song about being scammers: Listen to song here.