NYC 'PATRIOTS' Jump Alleged PEDO On LIVE. . . Catch Him . . . With 14 Year Old GIRL!

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A group of BROOKLYN MEN who many are calling patriots - jumped a man they accuse of being a pedophile. And the entire incident is captured on LIVE and streamed out to MILLIONS on social media.

A 14 year old girl was saved from the clutches of a PERVERT - and she has a group of NYC men to thank for that. She was lured to the apartment of a 22 year old man, where he was allegedly planning on taking advantage of the underage girl.

But before anything could happen on THIS occasion, she was saved by a group of heroic NYers.

The men, who all hail from BROOKLYN are being praised online. Some are calling the men "patriots", others are calling them "heroes", for saving the girl from being exploited by the grown man.