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SHOCK VIDEO: New York "O.G." Gets Into A FIGHT . . . And After Winning . . . He Tries To RAPE HIS OPPONENT!!


A very disturbing video is circulating online - it shows a fight between two men - and then an apparent attempted rape.

In the video, which you can see below, the two men get into a FIST FIGHT, and one man wins.

But that's when things get crazy. The winner then started GRABBING at his opponent's pants and claims that he wants to "take his manhood. As the opponent squirms on the ground, the winner tells him to "turn over", and "take it up the a**."

Eventually the man is saved, because police come and scare off the attempted rapist.

It's not clear whether NYC police are aware of this attempted s*xual assault. If you have any information on this crime, please contact the NYC police tips hotline.