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A Brooklyn man is going viral on Twitter today. He gave his followers a step-by-step tutorial on how to evade paying your subway fare, while the city is facing a coronavirus outbreak.

New York City is currently under a de-facto lockdown. All bars, restaurants, and nightclubs are closed. But the subways are still open.

The subway cost $2.75 to get on, a price that many feel is too high, especially given the current economic slowdown.

The man posted a video showing people how to jump over the turnstile, without being exposed to any possible germs. The video quickly went viral - and has been seen more than 10 million times.

But before you follow the man - be careful!!

The MTA, the entity that controls NYC's subways, has been trying to crack down on fare evasion crackdown. Subway cars are plastered with phrases like “We’d rather your $2.75 fare than your $100 fine.” 

And Governor Cuomo added 500 NYPD and MTA cops and has increased the police presence in the subway system noticeably.

Here's the video: