NYC Man Punches Police Officer Who Was Allegedly Brutalizing Suspect! (Video)


A New York City police officer was punched in the face by a masked man, who believed the officer was brutalizing a helpless suspect.

Here is the video of the police officer getting punched

The incident occurred yesterday in the Bronx, as the officer and his partner were arresting a man suspected of committing a robbery.

A passerby, who watched the two men struggle with the robbery suspect got annoyed by the officer's treatment of the helpless suspect,  27-year-old Yoemdy Castro, so he sprang into action - and punched the cop in the face multiple times.

The police officer was attacked by Nelson Jimenez, 31, who started pummeling the officer in front of a crowd of bystanders who had gathered on a sidewalk near 183rd Street and Davidson Avenue in University Heights to watch the arrest. 

Nelson tried to run away after punching the cop - but he is clearly is not fleet of foot.

And to make things worse, the 31-year-old vigilante had his pants sagging, so he struggled to walk as well.

Officers later caught and arrested Jimenez in a nearby bodega, law enforcement sources said. Charges against him are pending.

Here is the video of the police officer getting punched