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NYC Is Paying Nurses $113 per hour In Response To Covid-19

New York City is getting devastated by the coronavirus outbreak, and the city is trying to lure every nurse it can into the city with money. MTO News has learned that New York City hospitals are now offering anyone with a 4-year nursing degree $113 per hour.

That's more than twice what nurses in smaller cities are making.

According to recent reports, Registered nurses will be paid $113 an hour ($18,000 per month) plus they will get a hotel room paid for by the hospital.

But the generous offers aren't just for registered nurses. If you are a certified nurse, you can make $42 an hour ($6,720 per month). Plus you are given an $800/mo stipend to be used at an Airbnb rental.

Of course, you would have to be willing to risk contracting the potentially deadly virus to get the money though.