NYC Dominicans Apologize For Harassing Blacks Once Gang Members Pull Up (Video)


Yesterday, there were reports that a group of armed vigilantes in the Washington Heights area of New York City were chasing and harassing Black people whom they perceived as potential "looters" in their neighborhood.

Now MTO News has learned that members of the Dominican-American community in Washington Heights are apologizing to Black people citywide for any harassment they suffered while in their area. The community is welcoming Blacks to come to their neighborhood and freely walk the streets of Washington Heights.

What caused such a dramatic turnaround in just 24 hours?

Well, last night a group of VERY influential OG's from the Bronx and Brooklyn went to Washington Heights and confronted the vigilantes. The OGs both have ties to the leadership of NYs Bloods gang

They told the men that if Washington Heights continued its violence and intimidation of Black people, the OG's would send hundreds of Black people to Washington Heights and burn down the entire neighborhood.

The message was received, and a peace treaty was quickly made.