NY Woman Releases Video . . . Showing Her NEARLY ATTACKED IN HOME!!!!


A NYC woman was almost attacked and possibly raped in the Bronx. If it wasn't for her keen street smarts - she likely would have been a victim.

The woman took an Uber home from the club, and arrived at her apartment building just before 4 AM. When she got out of her car and walked to her door, a man followed behind her. Here's the video:

The man then waited for her to open the front door, and he stuck his foot in the door to stop it from closing.

You can see in the below video, that the man is wearing mask to hide his identity.

Luckily the woman maintained her street smarts, and realized she was being followed. She went back and pushed the door closed - locking out the would-be attacker.

The woman believed the would-be attacker planned to follow her upstairs - and push his way into her apartment.