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The NY TIMES Just Announced That The OPIOID CRISIS . . . Is Now Effecting BLACK PEOPLE TOO!! (Find Out WHICH Black Folk . . . Are Most Likely To Die Of An OVERDOSE)

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The NY Times just pronounced this morning - that the Opioid Crisis has come to the Black community. The paper looked at the recent UPTICK in Opioid overdose deaths to make that pronouncement.

But it's not the ENTIRE Black community. According to the Times, the crisis is hitting OLDER BLACK MEN.

The study, by researchers at the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute on Drug Abuse, also found that the recent rise in overdose death rates was sharpest among older blacks. The same held true last year in New York City.

“What’s really interesting is you’re not seeing younger blacks getting involved in heroin as much,” said Denise Paone, senior director of research and surveillance in the city’s Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Use Prevention.

Across the board, though, fentanyl has caused a huge spike in overdose deaths in New York in just the last year. Fentanyl played a role in about 16 percent of overdose deaths in 2015 and 44 percent in 2016, Dr. Paone said, compared with 3 percent in prior years.