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NY Stripper Makes $1,000 In ONE HOUR . . . Selling Water On The FREEWAY!!


Last week has been a RECORD SETTING HEATWAVE in New York. And one enterprising stripper decided to take advantage ofthe situation - and make some extra money selling WATER on the side of the freeway. Of course, the well endowed dancer was HOT - so she decided to do it wearing virtually NO CLOTHES.

And it worked. According to reports, the dancer named THICKY MINAJ raked in nearly $1,000 in money and ips, after just an hours work. In fact , she was so successful that the dancer caused a TRAFFIC JAM on the busy freeway.

Eventually someone called the police, who asked the young woman to stop selling her water on the side of the road. But the EXCITED cops wanted to get a few SNAPS of the lady before sending her on her way.

Here is part 1 of her video

Here is part 2 of her video


On Instagram Thicky has about 176,000 followers and here's the Instagram video she shared with her followers: